Clearwater Chiropractic Case Study

NexGen Marketing partnered with Clearwater Chiropractic of Eau Claire, Wisconsin to manage their online marketing.

The Client:

ClearWater Chiropractic is a chiropractic care facility located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. David Flood is the professional chiropractor in charge at this facility and has a very large interest in treating patients with sports and work related injuries.

Our Goal:

The goal for Clearwater Chiropractic was to generate as many leads and new customers as possible. In a competitive market with over 20 chiropractors targetting the same customer base Clearwater Chiropractic needed something to seperate them from the competition.

Our Plan:

Our team did the initial analysis of ClearWater’s current website as well as their current marketing system and their position in the Eau Claire marketplace. This included a competitor analysis, target keyword research and implementation of the NexGen Marketing System.

Our team built an online marketing strategy that revolved around rebuilding their online image while simultaneously driving substantially more targeted customers to their website. To achieve this we needed to completely redesign the clients website around converting visitors to customers. In addition to this we built a campaign around marketing the website for ranking well in the search engines. This included integrating social media marketing and online reputation management into the website platform.

Using the NexGen Keyword Research System integrated with the Google AdWords API system we were able to determine the monthly search volume for a variety of keywords and phrases that customers were using in their searches for local chiropractors in the Eau Claire area. Using this market research we built a plan targeting 5 large search terms such as Eau Claire Chiropractor and over 50 smaller terms such as Eau Claire Chiropractor for Sports Injuries. The total search volume of our campaign had a target market of over 1000 monthly customers.

By optimizing the website for these keyword phrases, our team will be able to generate a substantial increase in customer visits to the clients website.  Additionally customers searching for terms such as Eau Claire Chiropractor for Back Pain are looking for someone in their area who provides these services and tend to have very high conversion rates for our clients. These high quality leads and a website developed to convert visitors into customers are the basis of the marketing plan.

The Solution

1. Complete re-design of the clients current website

This allowed for our team to build a website properly optimized for search engine rankings of keyword phrases we determined to have the best value for the client.

  • By creating a well laid out and modern web design, we could increase the conversion rate of website visitors into paying customers.
  • By running the website on the NexGen platform, our team could easily integrate key features such as online appointment scheduling, social media integration and our tracking/optimization system.

2. Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

  • By increasing ClearWater Chiropractics rankings for targeted keywords and phrases, our team determined we could increase ClearWater Chiropractic’s customers substantially.
  • With over 1000 customers in the Eau Claire area searching for these services monthly, we determined we could increase customer traffic to the clients business by over 300% within three months.
  • With ClearWater Chiropractic not being on the first page of Google for the majority of their targeted terms, they were already losing over 1000 potential clients every month.

The results

Website Redesign: 
The website redesign for ClearWater Chiropractic included the addition of some new features such as online appointment requests and a simple to manage blogging platform. Take a look below for the before and after of the website. To get an even better idea of the new design click here and view the actual website.

Old Website:

Marketing Results:
Within the first month of the website launch and search engine optimization by NexGen Marketing our clients website was ranking on the first page of Google for nearly all of their targeted terms. Additionally our team was able to achieve first overall rankings for a variety of long-tail phrases such as Eau Claire Chiropractor for Auto Injuries & Eau Claire Chiropractor for Sports Injuries.

This resulted in an over 340% increase in customer traffic to their website within the first month of the marketing campaign. Over 140 unique keyword phrases were ranked on the first page of Google and driving hundreds of unique customers to our clients website.

This boost in traffic resulted in their first new client through the websites appointment request form within 4 days of the new website launch. Within the first month they had clients find their business and schedule appointments online from a variety of search terms ranging from work injuries to back pain & sports injuries.