Website Hosting Services In Rochester MN

If you’re looking for a professional website hosting and management solution then you have come to the right place. NexGen Marketing provides the best hosting and website management in the area. We pride ourselves in taking the stress of updating and managing a website away from our clients so they can focus on what’s important to them, their overall business. As a quick measure of how happy our current clients are: We currently host over 100 websites with a 99-100% retention rate every year.

Benefits When You Host With Us

Professional Hosting
Monthly Website Updates
Daily Website Backups
Real-Time Security Threat Detection
Quick Response Time To Your Requests
FREE Encrypted SSL Certificate
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How We Can Help You

At NexGen Marketing, we host all of our clients’ websites on professional business servers equipped with real-time security threat detection, free Encrypt SSL Certificates, 24/7 support, every day website backups and much more. With our hosting plans, you can be rest assured that your website will always be in good hands.

We understand the importance of your website when it comes to your business. That’s why we only use professional servers to host our client’s websites and keep current on all the updates that come through every month. When NexGen Marketing hosts and manages your website, you’ll no longer have to stress out about the long phone calls you may currently have with other companies to get something fixed. When clients call or email us, we can usually make necessary changes that day. Many of our clients in the Rochester MN area come to us needing a website redesign. If you are considering a website redesign give us a call or contact us through our form submission.

What’s Included With Our Website Hosting & Management Monthly

Professional Web Hosting

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Monthly Website Updates

website maintenance rochester mn

Website Maintenance

website updates rochester mn

Website Updates: So may be asking “why do I need to have updates made to my website?” Making updates to a website is essential in keeping your website healthy. Every month, there are updates that need made in the “back-end” of your website to keep it running which include theme updates, plugin updates, CMS updates, etc. We ensure that our clients are always current with these updates on a monthly basis. If you don’t keep current with these updates you will run the risk of your website not working properly or even worse, your website crashing completely.

Website Maintenance: Similar to website updates, every month we will run your website through diagnostic tests to ensure it keeps running properly for you. Before we make any updates to the website, we backup the site just encase there are any issues. We can then revert to the backup created which once again allows everything to function correctly. After the updates are made, we run another diagnostic test of the website to ensure everything is still working like it should.