Custom Web Design in Rochester MN – Why Choose Over DIY Web Development Platforms?

Do it yourself web design platforms, or DIY’s, have become very popular over the last few years. Why? One reason trumps them all, cost. Most sites that allow you to build your own website have packages starting as low as $4.00 a month!

With a cost like that, it is no wonder businesses’ look at it and think to themselves, “why not give it a try?”. However, a lot of businesses are finding that it is somewhat a mistake going this direction and largely regret their decision after it has been made.

Why DIY Website Platforms May Not Be For You

We see it over and over again in the industry. For instance, just a few weeks ago I got on the phone with a business owner who runs a custom woodworking shop. He had used a DIY web development company, which I will leave unnamed, just days before getting a hold of NexGen. He had ultimately become frustrated and very discouraged with the experience in building his own website! He had already decided, within days of starting, that the DIY website platform he was using was just not for him and that he would look elsewhere for more of a custom website build.

The issue here was not the cost obviously, but the lack of personal relationship and support as well as the limited functionality you get with a DIY website builder, especially with the smallest packages these platforms have to offer. Ultimately, for my example above, the low cost did not out way the time and effort this business owner was putting in.

But then again, why would it? Your business’ website should be the face of your company. Nowadays, it is seen as an investment and should be looked at as such. If done right, your company’s website will be your largest marketing tool and the first place customers stop before entering your office doors. A DIY website builder for $4.00 a month is just not a realistic way to achieve the ultimate goal for your website which should be to drive customers into your doors!

I am by no means against DIY website platforms. For some small businesses this would definitely be the way to go! An individual that does photography as a hobby would be a great example. They may not make a ton of money doing photography but they would still like a place to showcase their work! Spending even more than a few hundred dollars on a website just would not make sense here and this is exactly what I tell individuals that call and are in this scenario.

So what am I really trying to say here? Well, if you are a business of any size, and your marketing goals include your website being a driving force for your business, then a custom built website is the way to go! What will you get out of a custom built NexGen website? Unlimited support, a personal relationship or partnership with us, a website with the functionality you are looking for and a driving force for your business!

If you have found that the DIY website platforms out there just won’t give you what you want, then let NexGen Marketing help. Request a free consultation today!