LeJardin Floral Case Study

The Client

Le Jardin European Style Floral is a floral shop based out of Rochester Minnesota. Pat Heck, the founder and owner of Le Jardin, specializes in providing the best wedding and ceremony flowers in the South-east Minnesota region. Before our team started working with Pat, the Le Jardin website could not be found on the first page of Google for any of the competitive terms she wanted to target. The old site was very outdated and had many issues including  there being no way for customers to purchase flowers or even contact the Le Jardin floral shop directly through the website.

Our team went ahead and began the initial analysis of Le Jardin’s current marketing system as well as their position in the Minnesota marketplace. Our team also did a more detailed analysis on Le Jardin’s position in the Rochester marketplace. This analysis included target keyword research, a detailed competitor analysis of Le Jardin’s top competitors as well as analyzing what part of the NexGen system Le Jardin could really benefit from if not the whole package.

Our Research

Market – Competitor Analysis
Our Competitor analysis of the Rochester Minnesota Floral marketplace showed our NexGen team that the biggest competitors to Le Jardin European Floral Shop were Sargent’s as well as a couple local flower shops such as Flower’s by Jerry and Carousel Flowers.

After a detailed analysis of these competitors, our team decided that the best and most effective approach for Le Jardin would be a complete website re-design that took into account online ordering as well as a full fledged internet marketing campaign to drive customers to the website.

Market – Keyword Research
Using our Keyword Research Tool which ingrates directly with the Google API System, our team built a comprehensive list of over 100 keywords and  phrases that customers are continuously searching for directly related to the services that Le Jardin Floral provides. The idea behind this list of keywords was to not only get visitors to the Le Jardin website but to target keywords that resulted in new customers. A few of these keywords and phrases can be found below.

  • Rochester MN Wedding Flowers
  • Rochester MN Wedding Reception Flowers
  • Rochester Minnesota Florist

Le Jardin European Style Floral Marketing Plan

1. Complete re-design of their current website

  • Completely re-designing the website would allow our team to properly optimize the site to target specific keywords/phrases therefore increasing search engine rankings leading to more online customers.
  • This also allowed our team to implement an online store or e-commerce store, giving customers the ability to purchase flowers right from the website.
  • By running the Le Jardin website on the NexGen platform, our team could easily integrate key and necessary features including an online consulting scheduling form, social media integration and our analytical tracking system.

2. Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

  • By increasing the search engine rankings of the Le Jardin website for specific keywords and phrases, our team determined that the number of customers to Le Jardin would increase substantially.
  • With more than 4500 customers searching online monthly for the services that Le Jardin Floral provides, our team determined that they could increase Le Jardin’s customer traffic by more than 250%.

3. NexGen Email Marketing Solution

  • By creating and maintaining a list of customers and leads for Le Jardin, it will be easy to market and retain customers in the future.
  • Email Marketing would allow for Le Jardin Floral to easily contact and keep in touch with loyal customers at a very low cost.
  • Email Marketing would also allow for our team to track and analyze the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns and better optimize them for the future.

Case Study Results

Google Search Engine Rankings

  • Rochester MN Wedding Flowers – 1st Overall Ranking
  • Minnesota Wedding Florist – 1st Page Rankings
  • Minnesota Wedding Flowers – 1st Page Rankings

Customer Visit Results

  • Within two months of our search engine optimization and online marketing campaigns the Le Jardin Floral website was getting over 400 customer visits every month.
  • Within one month of the website launch our client was receiving orders through their online store, this was revenue their company wasn’t getting prior to the website launch.
  • Le Jardin Floral was also receiving orders for flower deliveries in Rochester, MN from customers as far as Florida within the first month of the website launch.

P.S. Another pretty impressive result from our online marketing campaign is that the clients website now ranks #1 overall in Google for the term “European Style Florist.” Pretty impressive for a wedding flower shop based out of Rochester, Minnesota to rank number one in the world for a term with over 4,520,000 results in Google! Especially when the number 2 ranked listing is Wikipedia!