Website Analytics & Statistics

At NexGen Marketing, we use a wide set of analytical tools to enable you to efficiently track and monitor the various marketing efforts of your business. We provide clients with reports to gain an understanding of what parts of their website and various marketing efforts are performing the best at any given time.

NexGen Marketing can track and monitor your website’s performance and use that data to develop effective marketing strategies and improve the effectiveness of your website in order to increase your company’s bottom line. This allows you to see where your traffic is coming from and what keywords people are using to find your products.

This data also allows us to see what customers are doing when they visit your site. Wouldn’t it be nice to know things such as:

  • What pages on your website are being visited the most
  • What pages have the highest bounce or exit rate
  • What times of day your customers visit your site

All of these variables and more can be analyzed in order to increase sales and maximize your business’ ROI.

Our Analytics Software also allows users to see how many new or unique visitors they are bringing to their site at any given time. By using NexGen Analytics, clients can use the information provided to continually improve their online marketing efforts.

Not only can web analytics give you data about your online marketing, but it also allows companies to measure results from traditional advertising campaigns such as print media by estimating how a website’s traffic changes after launching such a campaign.