Why use NexGen for your Email Marketing

NexGen Marketing features a state of the art email marketing software that is second to none. This software can help users to launch a successful e-mail marketing campaign at any given time. It even provides all of its users with step by step instruction on how to set up their campaign blasts. Clients of NexGen are also provided custom templates to ensure that they have an e-mail that is not only content driven, but catchy to the eye and branded around their business.

There is a state of the art tracking system in place that allows clients to see anything from how many customers opened the email, to what they did once they opened it. This analytic tracking system allows businesses to see their exact ROI of each campaign that they launch. This system also allows users to experiment with multiple subject titles to help them see which type of subjects brought them the most opens.

What about the cost? At NexGen, we provide customers with multiple payment options to help provide clients with the most cost effective e-mail marketing plan for them. NexGen users have the option to pay monthly, or pay as they go for each use. With e-mails costing as little as 3 cents per email, and less than 5 minutes to set up, it’s no wonder that all of NexGen’s clients love using this platform for their email marketing.

NexGen Email Marketing Unique Features:

  • Allows direct targeting
  • Proven to build/strengthen customer relationships
  • Analytical tracking with client access on all reports
  • Integrates with social media
  • Multiple payment plans

It is no doubt that NexGen’s email marketing platform is one of the best out there. Contact us today to give it a try!